God made our funny bone

Noah’s Ark, on TV recently, was a partly serious and partly silly version of the Bible account.  Some of the silly parts made me laugh and others made me cringe.  But God made us flesh and bone, so He must have made our funny bone too.  I believe people in the Bible were more like us than super-serious stereotypes like Charlton Heston‘s Moses (“The Ten Commandments”).  I believe they were more like Ben Kingsley‘s Moses (“Moses” the movie) or John Voight‘s Noah.  More real.  More funny.  More fragile.  More astounded and bewildered that Almighty God, Who created the universe and holds it in His hand, should seek a personal relationship with man … that God should be so gracious as to allow man to do His will … and that God should want man to be a willing part of His plans.

One of the human failings Noah’s family portrayed was the tendency to doubt and give up halfway through.  I must remind myself often of 3 things God has given me:

  1. Blessings (past and present),
  2. Values, and
  3. Vision for the future.

I must let these be my rudder.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” (Proverbs 14)

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